Teaching Philosophy

Teaching constitutes an integral part of my motivation as an academic scholar. As a teacher, I strive to give back the inspiration and passion for education which I was so fortunate to experience as a student. While an active research agenda is the mark of a good professor, I also regard excellent teaching as an indispensable professorial duty. I view the classroom as a formative laboratory for experiments of thought and multiple viewpoints that enables the professor to learn alongside his or her students. 

Selection of Syllabi

Enrich, Enlighten, and Reform: Introduction to PPE, Pomona College, Spring 2024

Behavioral Economics, Pomona College, Spring 2024

Principles of Microeconomics, Pomona College, Fall 2021

Behavioral Paternalism: To Nudge Or Not To Nudge, Pomona College, Spring 2020

Economic Analysis of Politics, Pomona College, Fall 2019 

Pedagogical Approach 

In my role as a professor, I do not consider myself solely as the unidirectional provider of theoretical knowledge, but as the facilitator of intellectual exchange. When designing my classes, I challenge myself to actively integrate the students into the educational experience (e.g., by means of short presentations or classroom experiments). I encourage my students to express their opinions and suggest topics for class discussions. During the semester, I distribute articles on the topics we discuss in class in order to demonstrate the applicability of economic models to real-life phenomena. Since some of my courses are at the intersection of economics and ethics, I ensure that the reading lists for my classes appropriately reflect the diversity of approaches and normative beliefs within academia.